Why does gravity make things fall?

Why does gravity make things fall? is conceived and organized by the TICA -Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, with the support of European Cultural Foundation, International Centre of Culture “Arbnori”, Institute of Tirana Biennale, Tirana Town Hall and Moving Culture. The exhibition is curated by Tina Finnäs.

TICA’s first Residency Period is coming to an end which will be celebrated with an exhibition featuring the projects of the Residency artists: Sidi Kanani, Shkodër, Albania; Damir Ocko, Zagreb, Croatia and Nitsan Domidiano, Jerusalem, Israel.

During the two month stay each one of the artists has been developing works that in different ways relates to the place of their stay; Tirana.

Nitsan Domidiano has been observing the everyday life in Tirana. Her work Notes presents the conceptions, or rather misconceptions, seen through the eyes of the artist. These six short videos are like notes that one would write in her diary, regarding the impressions Tirana left on her. Each video has its own label: history, language, religion, education, progress and bureaucracy.

The End of the World is a story about a place hidden far beyond telescope devices and star navigations, in time when the Earth was flat and the Sun rotating around it. Damir Ocko has worked during the Residency Period on a film that portrays wonderers and blindfolded strangers in a distorted gameplay. As in most of Ockós works the drama in the story is strenghten by using music.

In Sidi Kananis paintings we can see stylized reproductions of different abandoned buildings. The atmosphere in the paintings is ghostlike and has a strong presence of the history related to each place. It is like if the buildings would want to tell us a story: about the past and what once took place here. In the exhibition why does gravity make things fall wecan see four paintings of the pyramida in the centre of Tirana. Like in Sidis previous works this building stands alone asking us for attention and refering to the title of the work: as if it would be calling for identity.


Images from the exhibition: