Curated by: Joa Ljungberg & Edi Muka

Artists: Dejan Antonijevic; Mircea Cantor; Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg; Elda Gjikondi; Emre Hüner; Sejla Kameric; Monika Larsen Dennis; Mandana Moghaddam; Kalle Runeson; Genti Shkurti; Gabriela Vanga; Minnette Vari

From the Balkan epos to Walt Disney’s cartoons, the fairy tales and legends are told and retold in different forms and ever changing contexts. Providing compelling forms of representation to our collective consciousness - already swallowed by the entertainment industry - the Tales feed our psyche with ideals, dreams and aspirations.
The exhibition “Fairytale” will feature art works that in different ways use a format close to the fairy tale. The conveyed tales are however not meant for mere entertainment and we should never take a happy ending for granted. As a compliment to the global consumption of the fairy tale, this exhibition will tell us stories of many “anti-heroes”, and will point at the sometimes destructive influences of inherent legends and tales.
We hope that the Fairytale will contribute to the discussion on how behavioural patterns and choices of life styles are formed and generated, as well as how constructed heroes and heroines influence how we evaluate ourselves and relate to each other.

A Moment for Tales
On the 30th of March at 5pm at the Cinema Hall in the Piramida, TICA will organize with a seminar in which a number of artists in Fairytale will present their works. The seminar is open and free to the public.

Fairytale is made possible with the generous support of: European Cultural Foudation, Moving Culture, Institute of Tirana Biennale, KDK Kompany, Swedish Institute, Oslo Office of Contemporary Art.

Photos from the Exhibition: