TICA-AMC Contemporary Art Prize

In December 2006, TICA organized the second edition of AMC Contemporary Art Prize, aimed at increasing the support for Albanian based contemporary artists.The participating artists were 7: Leonard Qylafi, Enisa Cenaliaj, Adela Demetja, Nikolin Bujari, Fatmir Juka, Sidi Kanani and Syabhit Shkreli.

The international jury, composed of Adrian Paci, Maria Lind and Ivet Curlin awarded the AMC Contemporary Art Prize 2006 to Nikolin Bujari, for “brave interventions in public and urban space and a critique on socio/political phenomena of the Albanian reality”.

The TICA – AMC Contemporary Art Prize 2006 was made possible through the support of the General Sponsor, the Albanian Mobile Communications – AMC – company as well as the support from the Commercial Center “Galeria”, the Institute of Tirana Biennial and “Moving Culture”.

Photos from the Exhibition: