Things we wanted to know but never dared to ask

Opening at 25th of May 5 pm – 9 pm, at Tre Kullat, behind Qemal Stafa Stadium (close to pasticeri Venecia). Open 25th  May to 3rd of June, between 11am-6pm.

TICA’s second Residency Period is coming to an end and will be celebrated with an exhibition featuring works by the Residency artists:

Katarina Lundgren, living/ working in Stockholm, Sweden.
Leonard Qylafi, living/working in Tirana, Albania.
Karl Ingar Roys, living between Oslo, Norway & Berlin, Germany.
Katarina Zdjelar, living/working between Belgrade, Serbia & Rotterdam, Holland.

The Third Face of Power
is a work in progress by Katarina Lundgren focusing on expressions and acts of power in Albanian communist propaganda features. I’m interested in how power is depicted and how the fictive plot in these films where used as propaganda to support the existing power structure and to suppress unwanted conflicts. The work is a slideshow installation with photographs of actors and scenery from different films. The project name comes from a academic theory Three Faces of Power, coined by Steven Lukes.


White Lyrics by Leonard Qylafi, we see a video installation with two projections in the same time, filmed at the same place. The difference between the two is the presence of the person in the left and the missing of him in the right. There is a chair at a window where he sits and plays guitar, music composed by the artist. While playing the guitar the light changes and when the music is over he leaves the place. The whole video installation has a strong attraction for the image perception, the music expression as a self language and a meditative poetry.


In the work “Some humans as statues some not” I have photographed random people I have met during my time in Albania. I asked some of them to imagine how the socio-realistic statues of the communist past looked like. The ones that no longer is present in public spaces. Others I just asked to take their picture, without mentioning the past and the statues.  Karl Ingar Roys

For several years Katarina Zdjelar has been engaged on a series of projects that investigate how we deal with language, and how language, as well as being a series of codes that can be decoded and encoded, also represent a series of negotiations between the code of language and the physicality of speech. She is also concerned with the material nature of language; how it shapes our speaking bodies, how it draws us together into communities, how it makes space and clears space away.(extract taken from the text by Steve Rushton)

Everything we want to know, but did not dare to ask is conceived and organized by  TICA, with the support of European Cultural Foundation, Institute of Tirana Biennale, Tirana Town Hall and Moving Culture


Photos from the exhibition: