Artist In Residency

TICA A.I.R. Program

TICA is happy to announce the start of its new AIR artists for the period April – May 2008. The residency artists are Annaleen Louwes from Amsterdam, Holland, Yllka Gjollesha from Tirana, Albania and Syabhit Shkreli from Tirana, Albania. As mentioned in our previous announcements, at the moment TICA is able to continue its AIR program only on the bases of exchange with other residency programs, while we are continuously working to fund raise for the regular continuation of this program. The present A.I.R. period is realized in collaboration with the Dutch program, Fonds BKVB.



During our first year of activity, TICA successfully managed to put up the first ever International Artist in Residency Program in Albania. With the generous support of European Cultural Foundation and Moving Culture, as well as through the collaboration and exchange with various A.I.R. programs, such as OCA, Norway, IASPIS, Stockholm, Graz and Austrian Embassy in Tirana, we managed to host 10 artists from Albania, the Balkan region and the rest of the world in three different residency periods, of two month long each. The program has proved to be of vital importance and great relevance not only to the local scene that is enriched and invigorated by it, but to the participating artists as well. A rare feat of the program was that all the attending artists produced new pieces during their stay in Tirana, making the most of the residency period and creating a consistent number of new works.

After this successful experience, we believe that it is important to keep and further develop the structure and three lateral format of the A.I.R. program, since it has revealed very important in relation to:

1. Dismantle multiple stereotypes of the “Other” and to get to know each other’s cultures in depth;
2. To support the development of promising artists from Albania and other parts of the Balkans, as it is impossible to live and develop as an artist in this region, due to a total lack of grants and other supportive structures.
3. Considering the experience of globalization and the increased internationalization of contemporary art, the old two-lateral exchange formula is not sufficient. A new, three lateral exchange between local artists, artists from the region and artists from Europe is crucial in offering a new dimension of exchange;

Period and structure: TICA offers a residency period of 2 months to the invited artists. A living space and a shared working studio as well as a monthly allowance shall be provided. The artists are encouraged to develop a new work during this month, as well as use it for research. Common areas of interest are to be investigated together with the TICA staff as well as the fellow resident artists. A display in the form of an exhibition (organized by TICA) will be put up at the end of each period. Artists can approach TICA by contacting us at:, and by sending their portfolios and applications at our visiting address at:

TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, c/o Delta Publicity, QNK, Blvd. Deshmoret e Kombit (hyrja nga mbrapa), Tirana, Albania


TICA residency program will provide to the invited artists: -a return flight ticket -accommodation in Tirana, for two months -a shared project room in Tirana for 2 months -a monthly allowance of 400 Euro -organize with the end of residency period public presentation/exhibition


You can send your application digitally to, including: - your c
- a written description of your art practise (300 words maximum)
- your portfolio in digital format with a maximum of 10 images. The size of the images should be 800x600pix in jpeg format.
- your motivation for the residency stay (300 words maximum)
- in the case you want to add video it should be in quicktime format.

You can send your application in paper format to the following address:

Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, c/o Delta Publicity, Rr. Luigj Gurakuqi, Pall 89, Sh. A, Kati 12, Tirana , Albania

The application should include: - your cv - a written description of your art practise (300 words maximum) - your portfolio including illustrations of your works and samples of videos etc - your motivation for the residency stay (300 words maximum)

Please note that TICA cannot return any material