Dis/continuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common?

The project is a long term research and production project with multidisciplinary and multimedia approaches, focused on artistic practices and different media phenomena (individual and collective) and their perception, valuation and their influence on the experiences of transition societies from perspectives of different generations.

The project is a partnership between three organizations, from Albania (T.I.C.A – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art., Tirana), Bosnia and Herzegovina (SCCA/, Sarajevo) and Serbia (, Novi Sad). Socio-political images of those three countries are only the starting points for the project, which in a broad sense tries to encompass past, present and future situations in community, transitional transformations of individual and collective identities in general, critically observing the Balkan's position towards Europe and vice versa.

The project will primarily deal with the research of subjects such as shift of generations and conflicts between them. It will look for "missing links" in establishing more positive and more productive dialogue between generations. It will also analyse how those "links" are dissappearing and reappearing on social and cultural scenes, through their historical relevance in the context of today's contemporary cultural, artistic and media productions. The notion of Utopia is affirmatively set against the general social distopia, whose examples will be looked for during the realisation of the project in the genesis of general social transition of all three countries involved in the project.

The results of the project activities will serve the production of different printed and video materials. The activities will be determined by different subjects within the framework of the project INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS NOW AND THEN – Discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common? Technically, the activities are divided in four groups:

1) Workshops – two types (workshops with the artist and student workshop)
2) Comparative case studies, (production oriented research activity)
3) Documentary TV series (five part series on contextualisation of utopian position of the avantgarde in society)
 4) Web based documentation platform (multitasking project tool)

The project is supported by SCP – Swiss cultural program in the western balkans.