TICA is looking into possibilities to be financed not only through one channel or supporter, but rather through a contribution and collaboration of a larger group of interested institutions, actors on the private sector and other potential sources such as contributions from a future “TICA´s friends-organization”. TICA is looking for a steady structural support that would secure the coverage of the yearly costs for administration, management, production, information and education. A financial support and collaboration is also sought for the residency program. TICA would on top of that fundraise in connection to each production and activity for travel, per diem etc. Sponsoring could be part of the social-responsibility programs of corporations, or could take the form of creative marketing through the support of art initiatives and artistic life in the country. Such partnerships could become vital for the continuation of the TICA in the future. TICA will engage in a policy-making discourse with Albanian institutions and will try to make clear the importance of TICA’s role in an environment that hardly offers any support to the cultural field. TICA is planning to approach cultural and development agencies interested in using culture as a tool to built politically independent networks and platforms, to discuss power structures and to offer possibilities of development through artistic practices.

Program Partners 2007






Supporters Of Various Programs 2007

OCA – Office for Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway
IASPIS - Stockholm
KDK Kompani
Swedish Consular Office in Tirana
Austrian Embassy in Tirana
U.S.A. Embassy in Tirana