For 2009, TICA aims at continuing the broad base of events that characterized its first year of activity. However, there will be a shift in attention regarding TICA’s main effort, which will focus on the realization of the new edition of T.I.C.A.B – Tirana International Contemporary Art Biennial. T.I.C.A. will continue nonetheless to give special attention to its A.I.R. program.

A special emphasis will be put on a series of theoretical as well as hands on workshops involving artists and authors from the world shall be at the core of our program, enabling thus the enlarging of knowledge horizon and the development of artistic practices of local artists.

Within this framework, T.I.C.A. is planning a series of one man shows with local and international artists, through which we will try to activate an area of the city, trying to turn it into “artist’s quarters”. Also in 2009, T.I.C.A. will start the implementation of the long term collaborative project “INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS”, developed with Pro.Ba, Sarajevo and KUDA, Novi Sad.

All up and coming events will be announced duly on the Events link on this website as well as through our regular newsletters.