Presentation event of the project on Monday, May 20th at at: EU INFO CENTRE
Rr. “Ismail Qemali”, Nr 32 Tirana/Albania



About the project

This is an art project by Aleksandra Stratimirovic that uses the language of commercial communication to draw attention to the role of children in society by expressing their ideas of the present and expectations for the future.

Children of age 4-7 are interviewed about their town, their life and future. The children’s collected thoughts are then translated into light messages and displayed in public and commercial spaces. These light messages give the opportunity to reflect over the role of children in our society, their observations and vision for the future. So often the commercial messages that we encounter in the city promote superficial values and a stereotyped attitude to life. Therefore My Light Future attracts the consumer’s eye with the same strategy but instead of bringing a commercial message it carries an unusual and unheard point of view – the viewpoint from a child. In 2010 My Light Future was realized in Belgrade, Serbia in collaboration with Cultural Centre Grad. In 2011 in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina in collaboration, with Youth Cultural Centre Abrasevic. In 2013 the project was set up in various locations in the heart of Bologna/ Italy in collaboration with Nosadella.due - Independent Residency for Public Art

About the artist

Aleksandra Stratimirovic, visual artist and designer, was born in Belgrade where she graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design. She completed her studies in specialized lighting design at the University of Fine Arts and Crafts in Stockholm (Konstfack) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, where she currently lives and works.

My Light Future in Tirana

My Light Future will be in Tirana from May 18 to May 30, 2013 in collaboration with T.I.C.A- Tirana institute of contemporary art. For two weeks, the windows of shops, libraries, cafes and art/cultural spaces in Tirana will create a light map that will bring attention to children’s, imagination and the creativity.