”With each new dawn it’s not the same world as the day before”

Presented by Edi Muka and Joa Ljungberg

“I realize now that the reality of things is not something you convey to people but something you make. It is this that gives birth to meaning.”

ARDHJE 09 is an annually organized Exhibition that this year was organized for the third time. ARDHJE has the role of informing, documenting and spreading the works of the most interesting young artists in the field of visual arts.

“ This year the works of the nine artists shows us a trend of analysing a dynamic Albanian reality, without skipping the observations of the past.

TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, Tirana
Lala Raščić, Sarajevo, Zagreb, New Orleans
Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art / SCCA, Sarajevo

Zeta Gallery, Tirana,

Project: Individual Utopias

Artist: Lala Rascic

Place: Zeta Art Gallery, rr. "Abdyl Frasheri", Hekla Center, P31, A/4, Tirane

The workshop took place between 3-5 May 2010 at Zeta Galeri in Tirana.


After an intense research process that started in March, the selection and curatorial team consisting of Zef Paci, Tina Finnäs and Valentina Koca, announces the list of talented artists, participants of the Grand Finale of Contemporary Art Award, ARDHJE 2011. This year 36 artists submitted an application for the competition.