In December 2006, TICA organized the second edition of AMC Contemporary Art Prize, aimed at increasing the support for Albanian based contemporary artists.The participating artists were 7: Leonard Qylafi, Enisa Cenaliaj, Adela Demetja, Nikolin Bujari, Fatmir Juka, Sidi Kanani and Syabhit Shkreli.

Why does gravity make things fall? is conceived and organized by the TICA -Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, with the support of European Cultural Foundation, International Centre of Culture “Arbnori”, Institute of Tirana Biennale, Tirana Town Hall and Moving Culture. The exhibition is curated by Tina Finnäs.

Curated by: Joa Ljungberg & Edi Muka

Artists: Dejan Antonijevic; Mircea Cantor; Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg; Elda Gjikondi; Emre Hüner; Sejla Kameric; Monika Larsen Dennis; Mandana Moghaddam; Kalle Runeson; Genti Shkurti; Gabriela Vanga; Minnette Vari


A state of Change is the title of a workshop with 40 students and artists from Akademia e Arteve in Tirana. Geska Helena Andersson and Robert Brecevic (Performing Pictures) from the Interactive Institute in Stockholm, were invited by TICA to lead the workshop that took place during four intense days during the period 2-11 of March 2007.

Opening at 25th of May 5 pm – 9 pm, at Tre Kullat, behind Qemal Stafa Stadium (close to pasticeri Venecia). Open 25th  May to 3rd of June, between 11am-6pm.