The event took place at October 11, 7:30 pm at Tirana Ekspres (the alternative art space in Tirana)

Rr. Karl Gega, Blloku I Magazinave, Tirane, Tirana, Albania


The project is a partnership between three organisations; from Albania (T.I.C.A.), Bosnia and Herzegovina (SCCA/, Sarajevo) and Serbia (, Novi Sad).

The TV documentary series are part of the project activity search for “Individual Utopias” asking both young and old generations about their comprehension of guilt or authority issues in their societies for example, and also what they can learn about overcoming past through cultural production.

Investigative approach to cultural journalism portrays common grounds and underline time borders and evident changes in social development through artistic and cultural scene investigation. Social and political situations in the three countries are only the starting point for the realisation of this project activity, which will in a broad sense attempt to analyse present and future situations in the communities, individual and collective identities, through a prism of utopia and keywords such as: belief, history, memory, positioning and representation.



“Beans have for a long time been, and still is a traditional Albanian food. The poor people in Albania are used to eat beans instead of meat. During the communist time Albanians eat beans even in the morning like a breakfast. It was never mixed with other food in the same plate. Only during the period of the friendship between Albania-China it appeared in some very popular restaurants as a plate composed by beans and rice (rice was considered as traditional Chinese food). This plate was called "Miqesia" (friendship). Many people used this word with humor but many also used it in a serious way”.

T.I.C.A. production
Title: Rice and Beans
Author: Stefan Capaliku
Duration: 26 minutes
Production 2011-2012


The idea of documentary film OPEN BARRACKS is directed to the process of demilitarization of the city of Novi Sad by changing the purpose into public, of former military infrastructure. Necessity of demilitarization of Novi Sad is comparatively put into the context of former Yugoslavia social and alternative centres of Metelkova in Ljubljana and Rojc in Pula.

New media production
Title: Open Baracks
Author: New media
Duration: 27 minutes
Production: 2011


“Black cats” is a documentary film composed in two parts: The first part presents and includes footage from archives related to the history of nudity in Albanian art, which is very strange because of the primitive and very conservative mentality of Albanian society and especially during the communist time in which it was completely forbidden. In the second part of the film we follow the everyday life of the two nude-models that works in the Academy of Art in Tirana. Both of the women are two ex prostitutes and are living in a very bad economical and moral situation.

T.I.C.A. production
Title: Black cats
Author: Stefan Capaliku
Duration: 26 minutes
Production 2011-2012


Within the project "Individual Utopia Now and Then", the documentary films received support from:

Swiss Program for Culture Western Balkan
ECF - European Cultural Foundation
ERSTE Stiftung