Rezidenca #3 exhibition

Rezidenca #3 is an exhibition with the participating artists of TICA A.I.R. program for the September – October, 2007 period. During this period, the artists stayed and worked for 2 months in Tirana, realising a number of new projects, investigating different aspects of Albanian society and history, as well as human relations in our global condition. The artists of this residency are: Suela Qoshja(Tirana, Albania), Martin Krenn (Vienna, Austria), and Vigan Nimani (Prishtina, Kosova).

For those who can not enter

TICA A.I.R. #4 took place during April – May, 2008. The artists

Yllka Gjollesha, Annaleen Louwes, and Syabhit Shkreli have developed their research in various fields, exploring different tools and techniques.


“In the shadow of Skanderbeg”

On account of his several years' artistic discourse in dealing with the masculine affected image of the hero in the European cultural history, Franz Kapfer was invited by TICA for a residency in Tirana. The light installation “In the shade of Skenderbeg”, which has originated from shade of Skanderbeg’s statue in Tirana, shall call upon him to release Albanians in need, in a very Batman alike style. With the shade Kapfer would like to light up on the political and social appropriation of the national hero, Skanderbeg in the Albanian past and present.