Tuesday, September, 27, 2016, 07.00pm

at: Qendra Rinore e Tiranës, Rruga e Kavajës, Tirana/Albania


T.I.C.A has the pleasure to invite you at the presentation event of the fall period of AIRLAB 2016 residency program.

From 2016 TICA AIRLAB will be run in collaboration with MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space and Stefano Romano will be the curator/coordinator of the fall term.

The artists in residency: 


KOJA ISUFI  (Kosova)


 Will present for the public their artistic practice and previous projects in an open and informal event.


About the artists


is a visual artist born in 1984 in Tirana, Albania, where he currently lives and works. After his initial formation at the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1999-2003), he moved to Italy. He studied painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (2003-2011) and received his master degree in interdisciplinary research of contemporary visual art practices, before his ultimate return to Albania in 2011. Together with his colleagues Endri Dani and Olson Lamaj, he is a co-founder of MIZA Galeri [], an artist-run space in central Tirana devoted (since 2012) to the promotion and support of emerging artists from Albania and abroad through various types of cultural exchange. Since his first public presentation in 2005 at the Gallery Domus in Locarno, Switzerland, Pronja has taken part in numerous international group exhibitions in his home country (Shkodra and Tirana) across Europe (Pavia, Milano, Bari, Stockholm, Sarajevo, Berlin, and Budapest) as well as in Canada (Toronto). Rex anonimous, his only personal show so far, was organized in 2014 at the Ku/RZ/nsthalle in Bregenz, Austria.



(Fitore Isufi) / (b. 1982 in Gjilan, Kosova). Her work is conceptual based, using drawing, painting, video, installation, text installation and performance. Inspiring stories and different interpretations, political maneuvers and cultural speculations, patriarchal mentality and casual gestures, freedom limits and censorship forms - this is what makes her keep notes most of the time, as a reflection of the social, historical, cultural, and political climate, imposed by the country she operates at.

Her work has been shown in various projects, individual and collective exhibitions and presentations, at a local and international level.

Currently she teaches at Akademia Evolucion, in Prishtina, Kosovo, and also she is co-founder of Autostrada Biennale/International Contemporary art Biennale in Kosovo.



is a trans-disciplinary artist based in Vienna.
 She studied Sociology & Gender studies at the University of Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts with her focus on performance art. She has released numerous records and played many shows internationally and nationally from festivals, punk clubs to galleries with the bands Plaided, Tirana and Lime Crush.

She also wrote the soundtrack for the documentary FtWTF-Female to What the Fuck (2015, Directors: Katharina Lampert and Cordula Thym) and for the movie Talea (2013, Director: Katharina Mückstein).
 Her latest performances include participations in plays as A STORY OF O. & I. (Lise Lendais) at Werk X (2016), a collaboration Hinterland with Julischka Stengele for the Straight To Hell-Festival- Vienna‘s First International Queer Performance Festival (2015), a Solo appearance with her piece Drums for Two at VBKÖ- Austrian Association of Women Artists (2015) and another collaboration Birdhouse/Nuthouse with the artist Nicholas Hoffman, within the framework of the Exhibition Destination Wien/Kunsthalle Wien (2015).

The use of media in Veronika Eberhart´s works is distinguished both by its high musicality and the negotiation of conceptual issues with the sensitivity of artistic practices of feminist positions and art history. United in a transdisciplinary approach to video, sound, performance or sculptural sound installation, her practice is based on theoretical and historical research and seeks formal translations from an activist starting point.



TICA AIRLAB 2016 is made possible through the support of the Ministry of Culture of Albania.

For the fall term the program is also collaborating with West Balkan Calling, supporting the residency of the Austrian artist, Veronika Eberhart.

 WEST BALKAN CALLING is an Artist-in-Residence Exchange Programme between 6 art institutions based in Southeast Europe and 5 art institutions in Austria, taking place in 2016. The project is organized by < rotor > center for contemporary art Graz (Austria) in collaboration with press to exit project space (Skopje, Macedonia), T.I.C.A. – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (Tirana, Albania), Public ROOM (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art (Prishtina, Kosovo), Art Research Center 42° (Cetinje, Montenegro), Kontekst Collective / Zadruga Oktobar (Belgrade, Serbia), Cultural City Network (Graz, Austria), lend|hauer (Klagenfurt, Austria), AIR–ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (Krems, Austria), Atelierhaus Salzamt (Linz, Austria) and Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna, Austria).

The project is organized by < rotor > center for contemporary art Graz in cooperation with the Directorate General for Cultural Policy of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.