T.I.C.A. – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art has the pleasure to announce the group of artists that will attend the second period of PARTICIPATION – PARTICIPATORY PRACTICES AS ARTISTIC STRATEGY | AIRLAB 2013 to be held between the months of September and October.



Anila Rubiku ( b.1970) in Durres/ Albania is based in Milan/Italy and  in the last ten years has lived  in various cities such as, New York, Los Angeles, London and Prague. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana and Academy of Brera, Milan/Italy. Rubiku’s work includes drawings and installations. She has developed a unique way of actively incorporating local people into community projects that combine tradition and art, local history and a contemporary perspective, creating a fascinating new hybrid. Her projects deal with memory, time, architecture, gender and social problems.

The artist has developed her projects in collaboration with ; ASU Art Museum, Arizona, U.S.A,Jerusalem Centre for Visual Arts( JCVA), Tel Aviv, Israel,Taipei Contemporary Ink Painting Biennal. Taipei, Taiwan Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial Japan , 51st Venice Biennale

Her work has been exhibited in important events such as: Kama. Sesso e Design @ Triennale Design Museum, Milan/ Italy, The 1st Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kiev/ Ukraine in 2012. 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art, Tournai/Belgium, 54th editionof Venice Biennale – Albanian Pavilion.2011, 4th Tirana International Biennial, Albania 2009, 48th October Art Salon Belgrade,2007, and her solo shows have been hosted by : Galerie IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna/Austria. Josza Gallery, Brussels/ Belgium. Gallery Alessandro Bagnai. Florence/ Italy, Herzliya Museum Israel.

Anila Rubiku will work during her residency in Tirana in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Adams



Susanne Schär (b. 1967) Berne/CH and Peter Spillmann,(b.1964) Altdorf/CH  are the artists who will join the AIRLAB program due to the collaboration of T.I.C.A with SWISS CULTURESCAPES in the framework of the Basel-based festival CULTURESCAPES Balkans 2013.

Susanne Schär and Peter Spillman live in Basel/CH and work collaboratively as an art couple since 2000 period they both studied new media at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel/CH. Participants in numerous shows and exhibition the artists has developed and been involved in important projects such as, Stadt(t)räume 2012-2013, REDwood 2010, dock: contemporary art from Basel 2002-2012 or Report – artists publish artists 98-2006

Their practice is based on the subjective filtering of sensory impressions by raising questions like: How do we define the play- ground of a space, and what is our personal ‘cartography’ of a setting? What do we blank out consciously or unconsciously on our wanderings through urban or rural environment?

They are particularly interested in the diversity of the everyday – traces that can be found left behind, forms of life, perspectives, contents, grown structures and observe what is incidentally apparent or hidden. The artist’s research finds expression in Installation, Video, and Photography through a conceptual and associative work process. Creating platforms for exchange, networks, presentations, and discourse, as well as to provide spaces for contemplation and reflection, is rather more important to them than a display of theoretical concepts. The continuous engagement in art making process is most crucial for the artists, as they like to underline: “We want to make something happen with our art and want to be moved by the art of others ourselves”

Stadt(t)räume :

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Wendelin Pressl ( b.1971) in Graz/Austria and  lives and works in Vienna/Austria.

Graduated in Art history ,University of Graz and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna Wendelin Pressl gives his work the figurative sense due to the research aspect of his practice; He describes his actions as grossly field research

By exploring different mediums from drawing and painting to photography, installation and performance, from video to object and public art, the field of interest for the artist is expressed in an accumulation of simple shapes, without getting a certain pattern thus specifying a type of action statement, “the code” that is placed on Pressl’s work and on which his "research" in different directions and issues is based.

Pressl’s work has been recently exhibited at ; Kunstvereinkaernten Vienna/Austria, 2012 Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin/Germany, 2011, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz/Austria ,  2011 Artachment, Basel/Swiss, 2011 ,CHEAPART Gallery, Athens/Greece,2011, 5020 Gallery, Salzburg/Austria 2011.

Some of the artist, public art project include; “REVUE” Fritz Grünbaum Square Vienna/Austria, 2010.  FLEX in collaboration with Aldo Giannotti 2010

To Wendelin Pressl has been awarded in 2012 the art in public space price by "School whale ' Salzburg, The Austrian governmental grant for visual arts in 2011 and Grazfor city award for visual art in 2009. Wendelin Pressl will join the residency program in October and is part of the exchange program with ROTOR Graz/Austria


The AIRLAB program is made possible through the generous support of the Network Partnership 3 – year grant of Princ Claus Culturfund .T.I.C.A residency program is also supported on a regular basis by FAVA – Foundation for Albanian Visual Arts across borders and the Austrian Embassy in Tirana.







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