Wednesday, 18 September 2019
The Fall 2019 edition of T.I.C.A. AIRLAB Residency Program features two artists from Austria, Peter KUTIN & Sandra WALLNER, and Pleurad XHAFA from Albania.
AIRLAB 2019 is organized by T.I.C.A. and ZETA Center for Contemporary Art, supported by the Land Steiermark - A9 Kultura, Europa, Außenbeziehungen.
Peter KUTIN (AT) is a Vienna based multidisciplinary artist.
Kutin’s work, installations and films hold a physical and psychological impact and will throw you as much off balance as they embrace you. They have been exhibited, commissioned, performed or screened at various music- / film-festivals and venues
across the globe. He has written and developed music / sonic-environments for film, theatre, performance, contemporary dance and radio plays. Besides that he directed experimental short-films and wrote / composed works for radio. He has received several awards of which some are considered more and some less important.
Pleurad XHAFA (born in 1984 in Lushnjë). Following the completion of his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna), in 2012 Xhafa returned to Albania where he continued to develop projects that examine the effects produced by neoliberal political experiments. His research and critical work is the product of a post-conceptual practice rooted in documentation that is subsequently given visual and political representation in relation to the culture of our time. In 2014, Xhafa was the recipient of the “Ardhja” prize, organized by the Tirana Institute for Contemporary Art. His work has been shown internationally in many film festivals and group exhibitions, including: Alternative Film/Video Festival (Belgrade, 2018); Les Rencontres Internationales (Paris/Berlin, 2015-16), Teatri i Gjelbërimit (Galeria FAB, Tirana, 2016), Shame on you (Celje, 2015), 6th Berlin Biennial (2010), 4th Tirana Biennial (2009), Çmimi “Onufri” XIV (GKA, Tirana, 2008). Xhafa is one of the founders of Debatik Center of Contemporary Art (
Sandra WALLNER (Born 1983 in Styria, Austria). During her studies of theatre, film and media sciences at Vienna University, Sandra began working as an Editor and Director in various formats, later heading post-production at a Viennese production company while working on her first self-produced films. 2012 she started to study directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. THE IMPOSSIBLE PICTURE , her third year project about a Viennese family in the 1950s, was her first feature film, winning multiple awards across the globe, most notably the German Film Critics Association Award 2018 the „Förderpreis für Filmkunst“ by the National Gallery 2017, the Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her second feature THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN is in post production.

T.I.C.A. AIRLAB Fall 2018

Lilith Kraxner, Karl Wratschko, Sead Kazanxhiu

September 1 – October 30, 2018

The new edition of T.I.C.A. AIRLAB Residency program during Sept-Oct 2018 featuring two artists from Austria and one from Albania. Hosted by ZETA, in cooperation with A9 Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen.



The Artist in Residency program of TICA is kick-starting its spring period. Following its tradition that continues since 2006, the residency will focus on artistic research and regional exchange. For the spring edition, with the help of partner organizations Stacion Center for Contemporary Art in Prishtina and FRU (Faculty of Things that Can't be Learned) Bitola/Skopje, we are hosting three artists: Matilda Odobashi (Tirana), ZoranShekerov (Skopje) and DardanZhegrova (Prishtina).

AIRLAB 2018 is organized by TICA in collaboration with Zeta Center for Contemporary Art and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Albania.

TICA nis Programin e Rezidencave për Artistë për periudhën e pranverës 2018. Duke ndjekur traditën e saj të nisur që në 2006, programi do të përqëndrohet në mbështetjen e kërkimit artistik dhe shkëmbimit rajonal. Për edicionin e pranverës, në bashkëpunim me organizatat partnere Stacion Qendër për Art Bashkëkohor, Prishtinë dhe FRU (Fakulteti I gjërave që nuk mund të mësohen) Bitola/Shkup, ne mirëpresim tre artistë: Matilda Odobashi (Tiranë), Zoran Shekerov (Shkup) dhe Dardan Zhegrova (Prishtinë).Programi i Rezidencave për Artistë 2018 organizohet nga TICA në bashkëpunim me Zeta, Qendër për Artin Bashkëkohor dhe mbështetet nga Ministria e Kulturës së Shqipërisë.

Zoran Shekerov

Zoran Shekerov’s practice focuses on long-term documentary research that explores the human situation in certain socio-political contexts, as well as issues of identity, in particular, re-examining terms such as patriotism and nostalgia by considering the connection between lived history and sentimentality.

At the same time, as an artist who mainly articulates his works through a documentary approach, experimenting with the opportunity of converting them to site-specific installations, his interest also lies in the research of the value of the photographic medium.

Praktika artistike e Zoran Shekerov përqendrohet në kërkime dokumentare të shtrira në kohë, përmes të cilave ai hulumton situata njerëzore në kontekste të caktuara shoqërore e politike. Në veçanti atij i interesojnë çështjet e lidhura me identitetin apo shqyrtimin e termave të njohur, si patriotizmi dhe nostalgjia. Këtë proçes e realizon duke shqyrtuar lidhjen mes historive të jetuara dhe trishtimit të përmallshëm.
Nga ana tjeter, si një artist që artikulon punën e tij përmes një qasjeje dokumentare dhe duke eksperimentuar me mundësinë e realizimit të instalacioneve në vendet e posaçme, atij i intereson shumë edhe kërkimi në lidhje me vlerat e mediumit fotografik.


Matilda Odobashi

Matilda Odobashi is a visual artist graduated at the University of Arts in Tirana in 2010. Her work is an exploration on her personal relationships, on adaptability and coexistence between people living and sharing common spaces. Working between drawing, installation, painting and photography, her works include diaries and notebooks as a part of documentation of her everyday life and the interchange of this last with ‘the other’.
After her graduation she enrolled in an MA in Cultural and Social Anthropology in Tirana. While studying anthropology her interest shift towards psychoanalysis following and participating in several seminars and conferences organized by Albanian Lacanian Circle where she is a member from 2012.

Matilda Odobashi është një artiste pamore e diplomuar në Universitetin e Arteve në Tiranë, në 2010. Puna e saj përqendrohet në hulumtimin e marrëdhënieve personale, në përshtatshmërinë dhe bashkëjetesën mes njerëzve që ndajnë dhe jetojnë në hapësirat e përbashkëta. Punët e saj zhvillohen mes mediumeve të vizatimit, instalacionit, pikturës dhe fotografisë. Ato përfshijnë edhe ditare e fletore shënimi që shërbejnë si pjesë e një proçesi dokumentimi të shkëmbimeve të ndryshme me “tjetrin” në rrjedhën e ngjarjeve të përditëshme.
Pas diplomimit në arte, Odobashi kreu një kurs master në Antropologji Kulturore dhe Shoqërore dhe për rrjedhojë fusha e saj e interesit u zgjerua drejt psikoanalizës.


Dardan Zhegrova

Dardan Zhegrova’s work plays with the flux between language and its translation into visual representation. In his works emotion is used as an artistic medium that potentially could act as a means to question our assumptions about intimacy and expression. Navigating freely between different mediums, such as video, sculpture, photography and performance the artist can be regarded as a poet in a time where physical proximity is being replaced by an ubiquitous availability through modern means of communication.

Punët e Dardan Zhegroves luajnë me idenë e shkëmbimit mes gjuhës (të folur apo të shkruar) dhe përkthimit të saj në paraqitje pamore. Ai përdor emocionet si një medium shprehës artistik që kanë mundësinë të venë në pyetje paragjykimet tona mbi intimitetin. Duke lëvizur lirisht përmes mediumeve të ndryshme, si video, skulpturë, fotografi dhe performancë, Zhegrova mund të mendohet si një poet në një kohë kur prania dhe afërsia trupore mes njerëzve po zevendësohet gjithmonë e më shumë nga mjetet moderne të komunikimit.

Lilith Kraxner, Karl Wratschko, Sead Kazanxhiu

September 1 – October 30, 2018

The new edition of T.I.C.A. AIRLAB Residency program during Sept-Oct 2018 featuring two artists from Austria and one from Albania. Hosted by ZETA, in cooperation with A9 Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen.


Lilith Kraxner (born in 1995 in Stainz, Austria) is a young filmmaker based in Vienna. Over the last two years (2016-2018) she has been studying independent filmmaking at the Friedl Kubelka School for artistic photography. Her early work has so far been presented in Vienna, Brussels, and Moscow. She works with analog film, mostly 16mm.

Karl Wratschko works as a curator, filmmaker and artist. In his curatorial work he focuses on Silent- and Avantgarde Film and experimental music. Since 2016 he has been a co-curator of 100 years ago at the Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna, Italy. His film works include: Index (2018), I have seen the future (2017), Pale April (2016), Monte Nero (2014). Among his installation works the most notable are Ich bin viele Gesichter (2018) and Informa (2016), both created together with Michael BachhoferAt the moment, he is working on two film projects – Präsenz (together with Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk) and Remade, as well as on the exhibition POP 1900-2000 at Universalmuseum Joanneum (together with Maria Froihofer and David Reumüller).

Sead Kazanxhiu (born in 1987 in Fier and based in Tirana since 2012) is a visual artist who comes from a family of Roma ethnic minority from southwest Albania. He was trained as a painter at the University of Arts in Tirana (2006 – 2010), where he obtained his bachelor degree. Following his studies, he continued to work primarily in the medium of painting, whereas his more recent practice has expanded into sculpture, installation, video, and public space interventions. He had eight personal shows since 2012 (in Tirana, Budapest and Brussels) and took part in numerous group exhibitions (in Tirana, Prague, Brno, Gotenburg, Berlin, Drezden, Krakow, Bucharest and New Orleans), including “(Re)conceptualizing Roma Resistance”, organized in Summer 2016 at the Goethe Institute in Prague, in the framework of International Roma Festival Khamoro.


Sead Kazanxhiu, Shtëpizëzat (Tiny Houses), 2014. 2500 self-made plaster objects, 5x5cm each





TICA njofton permbylljen e fazes se aplikimeve per ARDHJE – Cmimi per Artistet e Rinj Bashkekohore. 

Pas nje periudhe aplikimi prej dy muajsh TICA do te filloje procesin e perzgjedhjes se kater finalisteve te cmimit ARDHJE. Perzgjedhja do te kryhet nga dy profesioniste te fushes te ftuar nga TICA: Stefano Romano, bashkedrejtues I MAPS – Muzeu i Artit ne Hapesiren Publike, artist dhe kurator Italian qe punon dhe jeton ne Tirane, dhe Helidon Gjergji, artist shqiptar, pedagog ne SUNY Old Westbury, dhe bashkethemelues i festivalit te artit bashkekohor Tirana Open. Sic eshte njoftuar me pare, kriteret e perzgjedhjes bazohen mbi shqyrtimin e portofoleve artistike dhe vazhdimesine ne krijimtari te artisteve qe kane aplikuar.

 Finalistet e ARDHJE 2016 – Cmimi i Artisteve te Rinj Bashkekohor do te shpallen me 15 Qershor 2016. Ekspozita me finalistet do te mbahet ne muajin Shtator dhe nje juri expertesh te fushes do perzgjedhe dhe fituesin e ARDHJE 2016, qe do te ndjeke nje residence dy mujore per artiste prane Residency Unlimited ne New York.