T.I.C.A has the pleasure to inform: 

The Sixth Young Visual Artists Awards International Symposium will be held in

  Tirana, Albania,

March 17 - 20th, 2016.


Hosted by:

The Foundation for Culture and Society,

Residency Unlimited and the Trust for Mutual Understanding  

 The Young Visual Artists Award program was established with the creation of the Jindrich Chalupecky Award in 1990 in Czechoslovakia, under the aegis of President Vaclav Havel, Wendy Luers, and a group of dissident artists, to recognize artistic accomplishment and promise by providing artists with a US residency, with the aim of underscoring the role of culture in democratization and civil society. This founding mission and programmatic framework -- to promote contemporary art, foster cultural exchange, and build capacity of local art NGO’s led by The Foundation for Culture and Society (formerly The Foundation for a Civil Society) -- has guided the creation and inclusion of the other nine awards that comprise the YVAA network in the region. To date there are Young Visual Artists Awards in ten countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. In each of these countries, YVAA operates in partnership with a local nongovernmental institution to conduct an open call and transparent annual or biannual competition and curated exhibition, through which an independent and international jury selects a young visual artist, under 35, as the winner and recipient of a US residency. As of 2015, Residency Unlimited (RU) has assumed leadership of the YVAA program and will host the artists for two month residencies in New York. The Trust for Mutual Understanding has provided not only financial support for the YVAA program -- and this meeting in Tirana -- but has stewarded its vision, advancement, and achievements.


The YVAA Symposium is pleased to bring together in Tirana a wide-range of artists, curators, and cultural managers -- and the art institutions they represent -- from all over Central and Eastern Europe and the U.S in an effort to collectively assess the impact of the YVAA program and renew the network’s structure and purpose. Public events consist of conversations on the role artist residency programs and small scale arts organizations play in cultural production, artists’ mobility, and the generation and exchange of ideas. Working meetings, closed to the public, will be focused on an internal analysis of the program’s structure, presence and partnerships in Eastern Europe, with a larger conversation on encouraging collaboration among the regional partners. These meetings and events will be held across a number of art spaces and institutions in Tirana, with the aim of introducing visitors to the Albanian contemporary art scene.




Artist Residencies: Here to Stay

Residency Unlimited presentation and panel discussion with; Nathalie Anglès, Filip Jovanovski and Ondrej Stupal,

Moderated by: Eriola Pira.

/Tulla Culture Center/ Rr. Medar Shtylla, 6:30PM



"Uncommon Propositions”

 By: Molly Kleiman

/ Qendra Ten, Rr. “Myslym Shyri”/ 6:30PM

How do we articulate and enrich the relationships between writing code and reading prose, between digital interfaces and printed pages, between social media and public space? Molly Kleiman will present the work of Triple Canopy, a magazine that offers a hybrid approach to publication, including digital works of art and literature, public events, exhibitions, and books. Kleiman will give an overview of the magazine’s history, collaborative working methods, and upcoming editorial projects. She will also introduce Common Practice, a new advocacy group co-founded by Triple Canopy and six other New York City-based arts organizations, that seeks to address the unique challenges facing small-scale and independent arts organizations.