MAY / 6-13 / 2015 /Tirana/Albania 



T.I.C.A has the pleasure to present at Tirana Open,

DZT- DyZeroTre collective (Stefano Romano, and Eri Çobo) 

The collective will present for the public of the festival their new video project, “Futuro anteriore /Future perfect ". A reflection on unrealized communist dream for equality, the video analyzes one of the grand narratives of the last century through the metaphor of popular icons such as the famous italian Bandiera Rossa [1] (Italian for Red Flag)


About the artists: 

DyZeroTre (DZT) is a collective established in 2012 by Stefano Romano (b.1975) Napoli/Italy and Eri Çobo (b.1979) Fier/Albania. The collective works in a processual area through aesthetic acts which can no longer prescind from conflicting istances, new antagonisms, and the urgency of social reality. Actions, performances, video, installations, photography, drawings are the media used by DZT to create not aligned images of reality.

The collective’s works have been shown at national and international museums and exhibitions, such as:Tulla Culture Center (Tirana, Albania); Palazzo della Misericordia in the frame of ArtDate -Dialogo nel tempo (Bergamo, Italy); Palazzo Costanzi (Trieste, Italy); Studio Tommaseo (Trieste, Italy); BACO arte contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy);TICA AIRLab c/o Tirana Ekspress (Tirana, Albania); Artopia Gallery (Milano, Italy); Galleria Bianconi (Milano, Italy); Careof (Milano, Italy); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); GAMeC area Palestra, (Bergamo, Italy); Galleria Alice & altri lavori in corso (Roma, Italy); 54° Venice Biennial – Pavillion of Fine Arts Academies, Arsenale (Venice, Italy); Macro Future (Roma Italy); GC.AC (Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy); Neon>campo base (Bologna, Italy); Triennale (Milano, Italy); Chelsea Art Museum (New York, USA); The Kosova Art Gallery (Prishtinë, Kosovo); Tirana Bienale3 (Tirana, Albania); Museo d’arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce (Genova, Italy); The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artist, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Vrsac/Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro); Via Farini (Milano, Italy); Boston Cyberarts Festival, Coolidge Corner Theatre (Boston U.S.A.); Centre Culturel Francais de Turin (Torino, Italy).


About the event:
Tirana Open will host an outstanding array of visual arts, film, literature, music, and architecture events  and will take place in different locations in Tirana betwen 9 to 13 of May 2015

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[1] Bandiera Rossa (Italian for "Red Flag"), often also called Avanti Popolo after its opening words, is one of the most famous songs of the Italian labour movement. It glorifies the red flag, symbol of the socialist and communist movement. The text was written by Carlo Tuzzi in 1908; the melody is taken from two Lombard folk songs.